Simon Cory Photography

about me

I love capturing real emotions in pictures.

That’s why I’m a photographer – memories become tangible, yet priceless treasures that people can look at, share and reminisce about.

I’m  a former magazine photographer who has left the industry to become a freelancer. With me, I took skills of punctuality, professionalism and flexibility.


Photographing environments and people is my truest passion and I am well underway of developing a top-notch portfolio. 

what i do

Going into more detail, I never leave my home without my trusty camera kit. Photographic anything and everything that looks unusual and visually captivating is how I’ve developed my skills.

I’m a general profile photographer: one day I could be taking portraits of dogs and another day might see me flying half-way across the world to shoot a wedding. I have that eye for detail and creative flair that it takes to succeed as a generalist photographer.

The need to continuously improve in everything that I do has been driving me forward in terms of photographic ability.


Hopefully, this shines through in my portfolio, which now includes family photography, landscapes, sports events and a few batches of destination photography too. 


I’ve won the highly coveted Proify International Photo Competition a few years ago, which was a huge honour. 


In addition to individuals and families, my past clients have included publications such as Food and Travel magazine, Esquire, Tennis, the BBC, Desigual and many others.


For an accurate reflection of the scope of projects that I’m able to take on, please check my portfolio. 


If you’re looking for a fast and flexible photographer in Copenhagen, please contact me via email or telephone.


Otherwise, connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn – I’ll be glad to hear from you.